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Friday, 2 December 2011

Is Twitter, Facebook or Google+ The Best Social Networking Site For Your Message Spread?

powerful womenAlthough grouped as ‘social networking sites’, when rivalry & peculiarities are considered, commonality amongst the 3 titans almost ends there. Almost reminding West European principalities competing & cutting each other’s soldiers that enticed exploration of the ‘resterners’, cut throat competition between the ‘principalities’ of this network entices exploration of technology & psychology.
However, unlike resentment of the former, this competition finds no haters.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Does First Page Google Ranking Bring Massive Traffic To Your Beautiful Website?

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Without a doubt Google is the mightiest fish amongst the Internet search engines. It alone gets the search requests, what others grouped together don’t. Forgetting Facebook, its nearest rival, Yahoo, offers no competition.
In fact, people have even invented the term ‘Google it’ for ‘search in the Internet’. And when SEO managers talk about optimization, they talk in terms of Google rank. Although as a rule of thumb, Google loves textual relevance and relevant keywords at the site, and links from other sites- affirming dignity, it chooses to remain mythical. That essentially makes SEO a challenge. However, SEO managers are quick to tempt you with ‘we’ll make your site rank in the first page of Google and you will get tons of clicks to your site’. And money flows and SEO managers become the modern day ‘messiahs’.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Do We Need Anonymity For Surfing Like The Laws For Phone Tapping?

The recent phone tapping issue not only closed UK’s paper, News of the World, and left its innocent workers at disarray but also incited a clash between the border disregarding merchants (Rupert Murdoch's empire) and the border defending politicians.
Almost reminding Clash of civilizations, a Hindu could easily see a clash between Kchhetrias and Vaisyas. Although the paper died, following the clash, BSkyB suddenly survived.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Is Twitter Useful To Promote Websites That You Have Tried Hard To Make?

Millions of websites are created every day. All makers hope for a visit by potential clients. Unfortunately, with only friends and families visiting their sites, whatever website hosts may say, many websites are facing 'loneliness'.
In a competitive world there are many sad stories. Unless rightly played, blog, Facebook, article and even video placements don't bring any audience. In this scenario, let's see if Twitter works.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Beautiful Site Using Google And High PR Sites

We all need massive traffic to sell goods, get offers, or just to make audience aware of ideas, skills or corruption in the land. Although pay per click in search engines brings quick traffic, needing even $2 per click, it drains companies.

Free traffic that helps us can come from, mutually helping, two sources.