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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Does First Page Google Ranking Bring Massive Traffic To Your Beautiful Website?

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Without a doubt Google is the mightiest fish amongst the Internet search engines. It alone gets the search requests, what others grouped together don’t. Forgetting Facebook, its nearest rival, Yahoo, offers no competition.
In fact, people have even invented the term ‘Google it’ for ‘search in the Internet’. And when SEO managers talk about optimization, they talk in terms of Google rank. Although as a rule of thumb, Google loves textual relevance and relevant keywords at the site, and links from other sites- affirming dignity, it chooses to remain mythical. That essentially makes SEO a challenge. However, SEO managers are quick to tempt you with ‘we’ll make your site rank in the first page of Google and you will get tons of clicks to your site’. And money flows and SEO managers become the modern day ‘messiahs’.